I first visited Lucy for treatment to my coccyx (having slipped on ice 18 months previously). When she started her Bowen course she asked me if I would like to be a case study, as Bowen had some treatments specifically for the coccyx. After 3 treatments I was very much better, and the pain I had had when lying on my back for years completely disappeared with the general 2nd treatment – even though I hadn’t mentioned it. I have since had further treatment and my coccyx continues to improve. Bowen seems very strange compared to other systems, but it most definitely works and I would certainly recommend you to give it a go with Lucy.

Lorraine A
The Bowen Technique

I think Lucy is brilliant and she has done me the world of good. I really don’t think I would be so well without having met her!

Sandra M
Whiplash Injury Client
Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Whenever I come down to Plymouth I love having one of Lucy’s holistic facials they are so relaxing!

I find a reflexology session with Lucy a great treat to end my stressful day at work

Dr Ruchika R
Plastic Surgeon @ Derriford Hospital

I have Advanced Degenerative Bone Disease in my neck and regular Hot Stone massages from Lucy have worked really well with my pain medication to give me some relief from the constant pain and immobility. In fact it is safe to say that the combination of Lucy’s massage skills and traditional medication has literally kept me upright and mobile over what has been a very difficult year.

I can’t recommend Lucy highly enough, her skills at massage and now with the Dorn Method are second to none.

After having The Dorn Method treatments I felt like I had grown 2 inches taller! I suffer with my back and I do have scoliosis and before this treatment I would always have to rotate my hips to click my back into place but I have not had to do that since this treatment.

I have been lucky enough to have a few treatments in some very expensive Spa’s but none of them have been as beneficial or professional as Lucy. Don’t think about booking a session, do it, trust me you will be very glad that you did!

Sharon R
Matron @ Derriford Hospital
Hot Stone Head and Face Massage, Hot Stone Remedial/Sports Massage

Lucy asked me to be one of her case studies for ‘The Dorn method’ as I suffer from scoliosis. It was truly amazing even after the first session! My posture seemed better and my whole body just felt realigned along with less pain. I had never heard of this method before but would certainly have it again and recommend it.

Denise G

From the perspective of an office worker who sits hunched in front of a computer all week, Lucy’s treatments are brilliant. In the past, my bad posture had led to stiffness in my neck and shoulders causing headaches and other problems. A deep tissue massage from Lucy, combined with her infectious smile and practical advice and the tension just slides away…

However, from the perspective of a rugby player who gets mauled on a regular basis, Lucy’s treatments are a god-send. Her anatomical knowledge, supported by her professionalism and competence in sport and remedial massage therapy have proved invaluable to me…

I cannot thank her enough and I cannot recommend her highly enough. To anyone reading this, I would say.. Go on, treat yourself, you won’t regret it…

Robert M
Hot Stone Remedial/Sports Massage

Whether I am having treatment for a sports related injuries or simply having a massage as a treat I come away feeling as though I could conquer Everest in a weekend! I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough her skills in sports massage enable me to enjoy my sport to the full I would recommend anyone who is involved in sport to treat themselves to a massage with Lucy you will be surprised how it can improve your game.

Helen C
Horse Rider
Hot Stone Remedial/Sports Massage

I really enjoy the hot stone facial massage, not only is it deeply relaxing but as I suffer from sinus problems it really helps to clear my airways so I can breath freely again after treatment! It’s amazing how quickly you feel the benefits!

Tom T
Hot Stone Head and Face Massage

As a Physiotherapist I believe in the beneficial effects of massage and have referred many of my patients to Lucy for her skilled “hands on” treatment.

As a client of Lucy’s myself I know the therapeutic results of her work have helped me greatly and I find her remedial massage invaluable in dealing with muscle tension and the after effects of injury or overuse through sport

Lucy’s professional approach and caring manner along with her wide skill base are the reasons that I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Alison M
Hot Stone Remedial/Sports Massage

I suffered from muscle seizure behind the knee for at least 8 months. Due to the nature of my work (painter & decorator) I have to kneel constantly and have no time to rest the damaged muscle.

After recommendation to try the Bowen Technique I had one Bowen treatment with Lucy and I was completely amazed at the amount of discomfort that was relieved, I would estimate it to be around 80% less.

Alexander Z
The Bowen Technique

I suffer with various problems including Achilles Heal and Ankle instability problems and Find the treatments Lucy provides a great Help, I also recently had treatment for a back injury for which I cannot thank her enough.

Simon O
Graphic Designer

For the most part of this year (2013) I have had the most excruciating itchy arms, no where else on my body just my arms. The itch became worse at night so I was having to deal with sleep deprivation. I tried everything from eliminating favourite body products to changing my diet. Researching the internet showed there is a known symptom and the recommended solution is steroid cream. I would rather not use medication and prefer complimentary medicine. I decided to have a Bowen treatment because I know this treatment not only tackles physical problems it also helps the bodies immune and nervous system to rebalance. I had one Bowen treatment from Lucy and my symptoms have completely gone. It eased after the treatment and gradually cleared completely.

Kim H
The Bowen Technique

Having a physical job & being a runner I suffer with leg & back muscular problems. I have been visiting Lucy regularly for treatment for a number of years & always feel transformed after a massage. Lucy’s help, advice, knowledge & professional approach are second to none & I would definitely recommend Lucy to anyone in an instant.

Steve P
Car Mechanic
Hot Stone Remedial/Sports Massage

We brought our baby son Rafe to see Lucy as he had been very unsettled and in severe abdominal pain since birth, always after eating. Diagnosed with reflux and a dairy allergy, we sought alternative therapy as nothing seemed to be working and I’m delighted to say that after 4 x sessions Rafe is a totally different baby, though really after the first 2x we saw huge improvements. His hiccups have gone (he used to get them pretty much every day) he is not doing the back-arching after feeds anymore and he started sleeping through after the 3x session. The most amazing thing is seeing him smile more, he is a really happy and contented little baby now and it’s just wonderful to see him pain free! Lucy really knows what she is doing and we cannot thank her enough. Thoroughly recommend

Grace C C

I have been suffering with a long term injury with my right hamstring. Lucy suggested integrating Bowen Technique therapy into the massage. I had previously had deep massage on the injured area, but the injury would return. After the Bowen therapy I can honestly say the results were instant. I actually asked Lucy how many treatments I would need to which she replied ‘just the one treatment’.

Thank you Lucy for getting rid of this frustrating injury

Mark H
The Bowen Technique

I have been treated by Lucy for Sports Massage and Bowen Technique. I found her a very professional and caring practitioner and with excellent knowledge. I have always enjoyed my sessions with her and afterwards have felt very relaxed.

Linda R
The Bowen Technique

Lucy was recommended to me by a good friend of mine. I had an ache in my neck and shoulders. I had 3 sessions of The Dorn Method with Lucy and the improvement were visible even after the first session: better posture, no pain in my shoulders and neck, feeling invigorated and relaxed at the same time. She showed me some exercises to do at home which were easy to follow. I would recommend The Dorn Method for anyone who has got troubles with the back or neck pain, it feels so natural for the body to follow!

Claudia M
Plastic Surgeon @ Derriford Hospital

I have had many different treatments for my back and sciatic pains but what really worked for me has been Bowen. I was a bit sceptical originally as it consists of very gentle movements, however after a couple of days I started feeling better until the pain disappeared completely.

Soraya T S
The Bowen Technique

I admit I was a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect from my first holistic massage, but Lucy’s friendly and utterly professional manner put me at ease immediately. Her massage was top rate and she treated me with utmost respect. I was quite taken with the entire experience and I look forward to my next session. I’ve already recommended her to several of my friends. Truly wonderful!

Marios L H

After a long week at work an Indian Head Massage really sorts my headaches and eyestrain out.

As I suffer with quite severe muscular tension in my shoulders and neck as a result of my continuous computer use, I find Lucy’s massages wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic. Her knowledgeable advice on stretching exercises has also been a great help.

Karen Hawkings
Manager @ Derriford Hospital

I had never been for a massage before and was very nervous about, but I had a really bad back and shoulders so thought it was a good option. I went to Lucy and straight away she put me at ease describing what she was doing and what would be good for me, I had a hour session with her and believe me I could not believe the difference the next day. I have now been going back on a regular basis and tried a couple of other treatments which have just been as good. So I highly recommend Lucy to anyone who is debating going for a treatment.

Alex O
Submariner @ Royal Navy

Following your work, the improvement in the swelling of my foot was nothing less than instant and amazing! Literally, from the day after I saw you and since, the hugely uncomfortable, ‘it’s about to burst’ feeling that I’d had every evening was gone – I can’t tell you what a relief it is!

A couple of days after I saw you I had the next appointment with the physio at Cumberland Centre – I see him in the early morning when the ankle’s usually at it’s best, but even so the very first thing he said was how much less puffy it looked, and was hugely impressed (I name-dropped like mad!) He was also very approving of the exercises you’d recommended, particularly the one standing backwards on the stairs…

Now, a couple of weeks later, the really sharp, wince-making pains have gone too – it all still feels a bit achy and fragile but I’m walking more or less normally, can manage stairs properly and haven’t needed any pain relief at all the last few days. Yippee!

So, VERY many thanks, Lucy – your skill really did boost the healing process in a big way, and I’m delighted to find myself feeling so much better so much earlier than I expected.

Lindsey C

It was the best Christmas present I had and I didn’t know what I’d been missing!

Pat C
Medical Surgeon @ Derriford Hospital

Well over a year ago I started having a monthly massage with Lucy to see if it would help reduce the headaches I was getting. Every month my hour massage feels like heaven and I am so relaxed afterwards it is amazing. Lucy has a relaxed manner which leads me to start relaxing the moment I arrive.

Last winter I started to get pain in my knee which I mentioned to Lucy and she asked if I would like some Bowen. I went once a week three times and Lucy performed the Bowen movements. Within a short space of time the knee pain stopped and after the last session had completely gone. It was great and involved little effort from me! Even better it is quite a few months on and I have had no further pain and the Bowen seems to have been a sustainable treatment.

I often recommend Lucy to my friends for a massage, either as a one off or to go to regularly as a monthly treat to keep the stress out of muscles. I would also go back for Bowen if I had any further pains and aches and have also recommended the Bowen treatment to friends.

Sarah C
The Bowen Technique

Having had a sports massage from Lucy I felt revived and energized…

Hot Stone Remedial/Sports Massage