This treatment can target a variety of different injuries either from sports injuries or work/life related. Using the hot stones as well as hands to provide a deep tissue massage. The hot stones get deep into the muscle fibres and helps promote blood flow, loosen scar tissue, improve circulation and remove toxins. Improves muscle flexibility whilst boosting energy and vitality to help combat stress.

Lucy has had the opportunity to team up with Essential Creams (a local natural skincare company) to make her own individual oils. Using natural ingredients Lucy can now offer two different types of oil to enhance the massage treatment. Choosing between an energising, uplifting oil using a mix of lemongrass and geranium or a relaxing oil using a mix of lavender, juniper and rosemary.

Treatment Pricing:

  • 45 Minutes - £40
  • 45 Minutes with Enhanced Natural Artisan Oils - £45
  • 1 Hour - £45
  • 1 Hour with Enhanced Natural Artisan Oils - £50
  • 75 Minutes with Enhanced Natural Artisan Oils - £60


From the perspective of an office worker who sits hunched in front of a computer all week, Lucy’s treatments are brilliant. In the past, my bad posture had led to stiffness in my neck and shoulders causing headaches and other problems. A deep tissue massage from Lucy, combined with her infectious smile and practical advice and the tension just slides away…

However, from the perspective of a rugby player who gets mauled on a regular basis, Lucy’s treatments are a god-send. Her anatomical knowledge, supported by her professionalism and competence in sport and remedial massage therapy have proved invaluable to me…

I cannot thank her enough and I cannot recommend her highly enough. To anyone reading this, I would say.. Go on, treat yourself, you won’t regret it…

Robert M

Having had a sports massage from Lucy I felt revived and energized…


As a Physiotherapist I believe in the beneficial effects of massage and have referred many of my patients to Lucy for her skilled “hands on” treatment.

As a client of Lucy’s myself I know the therapeutic results of her work have helped me greatly and I find her remedial massage invaluable in dealing with muscle tension and the after effects of injury or overuse through sport

Lucy’s professional approach and caring manner along with her wide skill base are the reasons that I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Alison M

Having a physical job & being a runner I suffer with leg & back muscular problems. I have been visiting Lucy regularly for treatment for a number of years & always feel transformed after a massage. Lucy’s help, advice, knowledge & professional approach are second to none & I would definitely recommend Lucy to anyone in an instant.

Steve P
Car Mechanic

Whether I am having treatment for a sports related injuries or simply having a massage as a treat I come away feeling as though I could conquer Everest in a weekend! I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough her skills in sports massage enable me to enjoy my sport to the full I would recommend anyone who is involved in sport to treat themselves to a massage with Lucy you will be surprised how it can improve your game.

Helen C
Horse Rider

I have Advanced Degenerative Bone Disease in my neck and regular Hot Stone massages from Lucy have worked really well with my pain medication to give me some relief from the constant pain and immobility. In fact it is safe to say that the combination of Lucy’s massage skills and traditional medication has literally kept me upright and mobile over what has been a very difficult year.

I can’t recommend Lucy highly enough, her skills at massage and now with the Dorn Method are second to none.

After having The Dorn Method treatments I felt like I had grown 2 inches taller! I suffer with my back and I do have scoliosis and before this treatment I would always have to rotate my hips to click my back into place but I have not had to do that since this treatment.

I have been lucky enough to have a few treatments in some very expensive Spa’s but none of them have been as beneficial or professional as Lucy. Don’t think about booking a session, do it, trust me you will be very glad that you did!

Sharon R
Matron @ Derriford Hospital