This therapy originated in Geelong, Australia by Tom Bowen in the early 1950s. Tom had a keen interest in massage and body work and by developing his therapy he successfully treated thousands of people suffering with a range of sports injuries and health problems. He left a legacy of his work when in died in the 1980s.

This therapy is a gentle treatment using fingers and thumps to make a series of rolling type moves over muscle and tendons. During this treatment the client is left for a few minutes at a time between these moves to allow the treatment to bring balance to the whole body not just the symptom.

This treatment is suitable for all ages and with a number of health conditions presented and even safe to use during pregnancy. New born babies, children and the elderly respond well to this treatment.

Treatment Pricing:

  • 50 Minutes - £40
Bowen Technique
Bowen Technique


I suffered from muscle seizure behind the knee for at least 8 months. Due to the nature of my work (painter & decorator) I have to kneel constantly and have no time to rest the damaged muscle.

After recommendation to try the Bowen Technique I had one Bowen treatment with Lucy and I was completely amazed at the amount of discomfort that was relieved, I would estimate it to be around 80% less.

Alexander Z

For the most part of this year (2013) I have had the most excruciating itchy arms, no where else on my body just my arms. The itch became worse at night so I was having to deal with sleep deprivation. I tried everything from eliminating favourite body products to changing my diet. Researching the internet showed there is a known symptom and the recommended solution is steroid cream. I would rather not use medication and prefer complimentary medicine. I decided to have a Bowen treatment because I know this treatment not only tackles physical problems it also helps the bodies immune and nervous system to rebalance. I had one Bowen treatment from Lucy and my symptoms have completely gone. It eased after the treatment and gradually cleared completely.

Kim H

I have had many different treatments for my back and sciatic pains but what really worked for me has been Bowen. I was a bit sceptical originally as it consists of very gentle movements, however after a couple of days I started feeling better until the pain disappeared completely.

Soraya T S

I have been suffering with a long term injury with my right hamstring. Lucy suggested integrating Bowen Technique therapy into the massage. I had previously had deep massage on the injured area, but the injury would return. After the Bowen therapy I can honestly say the results were instant. I actually asked Lucy how many treatments I would need to which she replied ‘just the one treatment’.

Thank you Lucy for getting rid of this frustrating injury

Mark H

I first visited Lucy for treatment to my coccyx (having slipped on ice 18 months previously). When she started her Bowen course she asked me if I would like to be a case study, as Bowen had some treatments specifically for the coccyx. After 3 treatments I was very much better, and the pain I had had when lying on my back for years completely disappeared with the general 2nd treatment – even though I hadn’t mentioned it. I have since had further treatment and my coccyx continues to improve. Bowen seems very strange compared to other systems, but it most definitely works and I would certainly recommend you to give it a go with Lucy.

Lorraine A

Well over a year ago I started having a monthly massage with Lucy to see if it would help reduce the headaches I was getting. Every month my hour massage feels like heaven and I am so relaxed afterwards it is amazing. Lucy has a relaxed manner which leads me to start relaxing the moment I arrive.

Last winter I started to get pain in my knee which I mentioned to Lucy and she asked if I would like some Bowen. I went once a week three times and Lucy performed the Bowen movements. Within a short space of time the knee pain stopped and after the last session had completely gone. It was great and involved little effort from me! Even better it is quite a few months on and I have had no further pain and the Bowen seems to have been a sustainable treatment.

I often recommend Lucy to my friends for a massage, either as a one off or to go to regularly as a monthly treat to keep the stress out of muscles. I would also go back for Bowen if I had any further pains and aches and have also recommended the Bowen treatment to friends.

Sarah C

I have been treated by Lucy for Sports Massage and Bowen Technique. I found her a very professional and caring practitioner and with excellent knowledge. I have always enjoyed my sessions with her and afterwards have felt very relaxed.

Linda R